Clear Fibre to the Home

Having your Fibre connection with Clear means you know you will have a secure network!

Fibre connectivity is made out of glass which means it doesn’t generate electricity and a close power line cannot cause any interference. The only was to penetrate the system would be a physical cut or destruction of the building it is in.

The connection will not drop.

Since the Fibre optic cables don’t conduct electricity, they can be installed outdoors with no risk of being struck by lightning or damaged by water or other cables.

  • Fibre internet runs at the speed of light – the fastest transport medium allowing for quick and instant data retrieval.

  • Your connection is private – No one else will run off the same line as you.

  • Fibre is Clearer – Light signals don’t interfere with other Fibres in the same cable and wont lose signal the way copper does.

Included Features :

On and Off Peak quota5 Email addressesData Blocks100MB of Webspace
Static IP addressFree Spam-virus FilterEquipment DiscountsFree Plan Change

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