IP Transit

Cross-connect and co-locate your critical digital infrastructure
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Low latency connections from more locations around Australia

Clear can provide IP Transit from data centres in most locations around Australia. We provide a multi-homed network designed for resilience providing low latency connections to Australian and overseas connections.

Choose your POI.

It is easy to connect with us either directly (through a data centre cross-connect) or through a range of elastic network connections with Megaport and IX Australia.

Comprehensive peering.

We also peer with most cloud-based providers with options of direct connections to AWS, GCS, Azure or IBM to provide the best path between your cloud infrastructure or co-location services.

Connecting is easy.

Add your IP transit to your IP Network, DC Connect or at any of your premises we service.

Benefits of Clear IP Transit

IP Address Assignment

IPV4 and IPV6 are assigned, with block IPs able to be added to your service

DDOS protection

Talk to us about your needs and we can work out a solution


1Gbps or 10Gbps bearer between us and your network, a redundant port can be provided for a small cost

IP Transit options

Choose from 10-10gbps IP Transit options

Bandwidth is guaranteed

Unlimited traffic with no congestion


Option to provide firewalling for your network

99.95% SLA with provisioning

Can typically be done within a few days (depending on your requirements)

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