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Resilient. Routers.

Every business connection can be provided with a Clear Managed router. A highly resilient router and firewall with carrier grade options can be deployed at your location to suit all your requirements.

Keeping it simple

Many organisations do not have internal IT capacity to manage their own router, or the cost to do so with an outside provider can be very significant. With Clear, a managed router doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it can provide significant advantages.


Often when issues arise with your network, there is the blame game between IT and the network provider. This is often due to the fact that network providers have no insight what is going on inside a network. With a Clear Managed router we can advise on network performance, add QOS rules and optimise the network for your application.

Cost effective

All for a small monthly fee (starting at $25/month) and free configuration on 24 and 36 month contracts, the small cost of a managed router easily surpasses what internal IT departments or external providers can provide.

Why a Clear Managed Router

Configured by an expert

Get it configured by expert engineers just how you want it

Monthly FREE changes

3 FREE changes included per month – Next Business Day replacement for the length of your contract at no charge

Easily identify issues

Ensure that issues are able to be investigated to identify whether it is a network problem or an internal LAN problem


Add VPN’s or Firewall rules as required

Add QOS rules

Add QOS rules to suit your application requirements

Fast Ethernet

Option for Fast Ethernet (100mbps) ports or gigabit

Built in Wifi

Has WIFI built in which can be configured for internal use – Option for rack mounted unit if required

Corporate building

Can Clear routers enhance your network performance?

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