Up to 10Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth supporting the most intensive applications
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Fibre. Ultimate performance.

Fibre is the ultimate broadband technology for reliable high speed connections for medium to large corporate and government enterprises. It provides the lowest latency and highest bandwidth options, where available.

All the speed you need

Fibre is delivered directly to your building and is capable of speeds from 10mbps to 10gbps (or higher at a data centre). Clear utilises a range of carriers to provide the best options and greatest coverage throughout Australia.

Priced on performance

Plans from:

*Subject to service and capacity checks and services being available. Installation charges are dependent on contract term and fibre length from nearest splice point.

Clear Fibre sets the benchmark

High Availability

Australia wide


Our managed routers or yours, you choose

Free Setup

FREE setup on 24 or 36 month contracts

Free Static IP

Comes with free static IP (more available if required)


Bandwidth available 10-45mbps, and multiples with bonding


Speeds are guaranteed

Internet or Private Network

Delivered as internet or private networks as required

Data Plans

Unlimited/Unmetered data plans

IP Available

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are available

How can Clear tailor a solution to your needs?

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