1300/1800 Numbers

Make it easy for customer and prospects to contact your business.

What Are 1300/1800 Numbers?

1300 and 1800 numbers are unique numbers that can be used Australia wide and provide an easy way for businesses to use an national number. The caller pays either the cost of a local call (1300) or free call (1800). The cost of the call is born by the provider of the number.

The Benefits

Businesses are able to benefit from 1300/1800 numbers because they offer the following:

  • Give a professional image. Gives you more credibility as an established national business.
  • Makes it easier to remember your number.
  • Makes relocation easy. There is no need to change your number if you move, which will save on number redirections, printing, losing contact with your customers etc.
  • Allows tracking of your marketing and advertising. Through our online portal you can see the caller’s numbers, type and location.
  • Demonstrates focus on customer service.
  • Allow you to re-route calls to a specific office based locality.

Why Choose Clear’s Business 1300/1800 Solutions?

Clear Networks has a long history of assisting businesses large and small with services. Clear’s 1300/1800 service provides any sized business with the same communication capability as a large corporation. Clear’s 1300/1800 have the following benefits:

  • Low cost monthly fees (just $20 per month).
  • Very low call rates (compare us with other providers and you’ll be surprised how much we can save you).
  • Get your general phone service with us and we’ll make the service even cheaper!
  • No differentiation between types of calls; other carriers charge substantially more for mobile calls which are becoming more and more dominant.
  • No complicated calling plans that ask you to commit more.
  • Fast setup.
  • No contractual lock in, 30 days notice to cancel your service.
  • Ability to forward to any type of service – land line or mobile. #
  • Ability to forward based on callers location. Eg.- connect to their most local service provider or office. #
  • Ability to provide to an automated answering service. #
  • Get access to online billing and reporting services.

The Rates for 1300 /1800

Our rates are very simple to understand. There is a single fee per month for your number, and the same call rate no matter how the call originated. If you take your phone service with us, we make the call costs even cheaper.

1300 Service1300 Service1800 Service1800 Service
Terminating number with other provider CostTerminating number with Clear Networks CostTerminating number with other provider CostTerminating number with Clear Networks Cost
Setup fee$20$20$20$20
Monthly access (includes a single 1300 number)*$25$25$25$25
Local Call12c/min10c/min14c/min12c/min
STD Call12c/min10c/min14c/min12c/min
Mobile Call12c/min10c/min14c/min12c/min
Divert to Mobile30c/min28c/min38c/min30c/min

Additional Options

  • Add on Message Service: $5 per month
  • Add on Voice to Email: $10 per month
  • Add on Fax to Email: $12 per month
  • Geographical Answer points
    • Setup Fee: $99
    • Per answer point: $5/month

All prices quoted are ex GST. For other pricing, contact Clear Networks.

Next Steps

To arrange your 1300 or 1800 number, call us and discuss your needs and we will provide you with the best available options available. Once we receive your application form, your 1300 number can typically be provisioned the same day.

If you already have a 1300 or 1800 number, we can port the number over without interruption to your service.

# Note that more advanced services may incur an additional setup or ongoing fee.
* Note this is for a standard ACMA provided 1300 number. Smartword 1300 numbers may include a one off auction fee.

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