Wholesale Services

Unbeatable partnership opportunities for ISPs and carriers.

Clear provides wholesale services for ISP’s and Carriers wanting to provide advanced telecommunication services to their customers.

Clear’s unique capability of solutions can be bundled together to be sold as your service, with Clear staff providing 2nd and 3rd level support to you as required.

Clear provides wholesale services for:

  • Business grade DSL/SHDSL services Australia Wide
  • Residential ADSL and ADSL2+ services
  • Fixed wireless broadband services in a number of capital cities and regional centres throughout Australia
  • National Dial-up service
  • Business grade Satellite services throughout Australia and wider Asia Pacific Region
  • Backhaul links (fibre, pt-to-pt wireless, satellite)
  • Residential Satellite services including national installation services that comply with government subsidy programs such as the Australian Broadband Guarantee program.

Clear supports its wholesale carriers and ISPs with customised billing and integration services for automating of provisioning tasks and supporting your customers.

Contact our wholesale team and talk to us about your requirements today.

Contact: dealers@clearnetworks.com.au or 03 9875 9313.

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