Clear Fibre to the Home

Will my FttP network work if there is a power failure?
No, your service will not work in the event of a power outage. Fibre to the premise or home (FttP/FttH) can only operate during a power outage if a battery backup unit is also installed.
What is Clear Broadband Fibre to the home?
Clear has partnered with telecommunications housing estates to provide fast broadband services using Fibre optic cables connected directly to your premises.
What are the peak and off peak times?
Peak period time is from 8:00am to midnight, Off peak period time is from midnight to 8:00am.
Please be aware this is subject to change. Any changes will be published on our website.
Your account will have been debited at the time of sign up for the first month plan fee, installation costs and for additional equipment and services you have chosen. Included in this pack you will find a copy of your first invoice. Once your service has been installed you will then be billed for your plan fee one month in advance on or around the 1st of each calendar month. Your second invoice will be issued after installation and will include a pro‐rata fee for the period from installation until the end of the first month, plus one month’s fee in advance.
You can change your credit card / bank details at anytime by logging into your Clear Account Page (refer to the attached letter for details). If you requested additional equipment this will also be debited at the time of sign up.
How can I access account information?
You can access your account information, view your usage and your plan details all by the click of a button. To do this type in the following link and enter your preferred email address and password. These details can also be found in the attached letter.
When will my service be installed?
New installations are carried out in two stages:
Stage 1 – A quality check is conducted which involves a visit to the premises and an inspection is conducted at the location, and feasibility of the installation is carried out.
Stage 2 – The technician attends the premises to complete the installation. Generally your service will be installed within 5 to 10 days of Clear Networks receiving your completed application form.
Customers transferring from another provider will have their application completed within 72 business hours.
Please note from time to time delays will occur for varying reasons. We do not guarantee timeframes for installation and cannot be held liable for delays.
Where do I want the equipment to go?
Often homeowners and occupiers choose to have their Internet services installed in the study or home office area, and then connected to a wireless router allowing them to use their computers or smartphones via the in-premises wireless network. It is worthwhile taking the time to consider the different ways you may use your service so you can have the equipment installed in an appropriate location.
If you have not requested a wireless router, you can contact Clear who can assist you. Please note this will be sent via post directly to you, the installer does not supply this. The installer will advise you if the equipment can be installed in your preferred location as part of our standard installation method. There are however, technical and operational considerations as well as safety requirements which affect where equipment and cables can be installed. Just as there are when connecting other utility services. These requirements help to ensure that the installation is done in a safe manner and that the equipment is easily accessible and protected from accidental damage as much as possible.
What installation time slots are available?
The technician will contact you prior to installation to organise a mutually convenient time for the installation to be completed. Please note that if you cancel your application or miss an appointment once the installation staff are deployed you will incur a $180.00 fee which will be debited from your account at the time this occurs.
What do I do if I can’t attend the appointment?
If you have made an appointment, but cannot be there on the appointed day:
  • Contact us to arrange another time; or
  • Ask an authorised representative to meet the installer
Note – If you authorise someone else (aged 18 years or older) to be present on behalf of you for your appointment, they will need to make decisions including where the equipment should be installed and will be required to sigh off on the installation. If you decide later to change the location of the equipment, please contact us and we can organise this for you. Changes will apply and will be quoted accordingly.
Who do I contact if I experience a service outage?
If you experience a service outage please contact Clear Networks and we will provide you with an ETA for resolution.

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