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Clear Hosted PBX

Clear’s Hosted PBX is a corporate grade phone system designed for business large and small to ensure your communications work seamlessly.

A-La-Carte choices that suit your business

We provide a suite of features without additional charges, and provide you with an ability to choose the number of lines and extensions and handsets all in an easy monthly bill with no capital expense upfront.

It’s simple. You can choose:

  • The number of extensions.
  • The type of handsets (choose from basic design, to full colour or even conference handsets).
  • The number of lines (simultaneous calls you typically get).
  • Choose whether you want to pay for calls as you go, or get our unlimited line pack.
  • Add a fax2email option to do away with your old fax machine.

Everything will be bundled into a monthly price, and we guarantee everything for as long as you contract your service with us. If a handset breaks/stops working, we’ll replace it within one business day.

We typically find that it is cheaper to switch to our hosted PBX then stay on your current provider, saving your business money. If however you have an existing PBX that is VOIP capable, ask us for a quote to compare the difference between switching to a Clear Hosted PBX or to use our SIP trunk option.

Why choose a Hosted PBX

On-premise PBX’s are typically costly to purchase, install and maintain. If your business has to move, or as it expands (or reduces in size) you are typically faced with having to pay for further upgrades and changes.

With Clear’s Hosted PBX, you can add extensions (and handsets) at any time, or increase the number of lines without having to pay for more configuration or changes (we take care of it all for you).

Enterprise Features without the cost

The Clear Hosted PBX provides a range of useful features for you to select.

  • Voicemail for everyone, including forwarding messages to email.
  • Paging, Redial and do not disturb.
  • Custom on-hold music.
  • Extension to Extension dialling.
  • Auto-Attendant with options to pass calls to different areas within your business (e.g press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc).
  • Night and Weekend switches.
  • Group ringing. Set certain extensions to ring based on the inbound call or an auto-attendant.
  • Hot-desking – move desk, login and your extension is available at your new desk.
  • Paging.
  • And much, much more.

Call us to see how we can cater for your business needs.

Choice of handsets that cater for everyone

Our preferred handset is the Yealink range and we provide a full set of handsets to suit your workforce.

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