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The confidence to operate, even in the most remote locations
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Remote. Yet connected.

There are many locations that are hard to reach, which is where a Satellite broadband connection can solve your needs.

A decade of experience.

Clear has been working in the Business Satellite space since 2004, servicing mining, construction, energy, commercial and defence sectors. We can provision symmetrical or asymmetric bandwidth from 1mbps to 100mbps, depending on location, across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Keeping workers connected.

We have successfully deployed localised WiFi distribution, private network and voice solutions at many locations. We have designed solutions to enable the workforce to have Internet connectivity including a fixed cost with each user having a set amount of data. Office staff can also have dedicated networking for voice and data to ensure business operations take priority.

Performance guaranteed.

Clear is able to arrange for installation or provide self-installation options. All our services come with a business grade SLA. Connectivity is provided on a set contention ratio which can be chosen by the business to suit the budget and requirements of various parties.

Clear Business Satellite for your regional and remote workforce


Fixed IP Address, multiple IPs can be assigned depending on your needs


Symmetrical speeds are possible

Integrated technology

Can be integrated with other technology to provide Internet or Private Network


Some services can be moved/ redeployed or a portable solution (on trailer) can be provided

Clear services are optimised to support VOIP

Clear can design a VOIP PBX and networking on the same service with Australian based phone numbers


Can be designed for a few users to hundreds of users

You can be confident in Clear’s experience.

Some of our previous work has included:
  • Mining sites. Offices connected to Internet and private connection to corporate networks. VOIP pbx installed and WIFI delivered throughout portable offices. Fly-in/Fly-out workers access to Internet with controller to fix their usage and easy top-up available with credit card purchase to avoid excess usage charges by the business.
  • Resorts. Internet for staff and visitors with WiFi distribution throughout the resort and options for free access or charged access.
  • Military deployments. Multiple deployments at base camps for soldiers to have access to Internet during exercises. Unlimited data options were provided for a fixed fee.
  • Power companies. Remote monitoring of energy installation.
  • Exploration companies. Self installation during exploration, moving every few weeks to a new location and providing Internet and voice services.
  • School of the Air. Clear is the preferred supplier to WA’s Department of Education School of the Air.

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