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Clear’s Managed Services

Clear’s Managed Network Service frees you to focus on your business. We provide monitoring and management using state-of-the-art tools to ensure your Managed Network Service maintains peak performance.

By outsourcing the management and maintenance of your data networks you can save time and money and maintain your focus on the core activities of your business, which you do best.

We offer a selection of standard managed network and managed router/switches solutions to ensure service functionality, speedy implementation and immediate results.

Our network management services can be applied to your Clear provided Wide Area Network (WAN) solution routers including Private Network, Business VPN and Clear Satellite, Clear Wireless and Clear Ethernet. We can manage your network and hardware across Australian sites regardless of location.

The advantages of a Managed Network Service

  • Expand your resources without expanding your budget – Access a virtual team of experts with Clear’s network management professionals. From a single site to large multiple sites’ private networks, we have the experience and the expertise to manage your network and routing requirements.

  • Network monitoring and pro-active fault management – We provide monitoring and pro-active fault management using state-of-the-art management tools. Should a fault occur we will rectify the fault online or dispatch an engineer to the site. Our Managed Network Service support includes equipment repair, labour and spare parts.

  • Secure Backup – We can securely back-up your Managed Network configurations weekly. In the event of a hardware failure within your managed network, we can quickly restore configurations.

  • Maintaining peak performance – We monitor your business network devices to ensure network reliability, so you can avoid the cost and productivity loss that comes with downtime. Router configuration management minimises downtime and helps build an efficient network as it provides the mechanism for rapidly restoring configurations.

  • Reduce your capital investments – Benefit from the latest in network technology without making major capital investments for router management software or high-end workstations for reporting applications.
    End to end network management – We provide you with a single point of contact for Wide Area Network (WAN) trouble shooting and problem resolution. And we can extend our network management to cover aspects of your network that are not provided by Clear Networks.

  • Increased network user satisfaction – Your users will experience the bandwidth they need when they need it as we will manage and tune your Wide Area Network (WAN) for peak performance.

Managed Router/Switch Packages

  • Fault Management – Maximise your equipment uptime through Clear Networks’ proactive system monitoring, alarm notification and fault management. Clear will alert your nominated contact person if we detect a fault and we will take the required steps to rectify the problem and manage a swift resolution. This service is available to both subscribers and non subscribers of Clear’s Data Networks.

  • Fully Managed – This service provides total support of your network routers and includes comprehensive on-site maintenance. Should a fault occur we will rectify remotely or dispatch an engineer to the site. This level of support includes equipment repair costs, travel, labour and spare parts. We will also administer your network configuration changes for rapid restoration of router profiles.

  • Custom Managed – This service can be tailored to your specific needs by our project managers and engineers.


As a Clear customer, we provide you with real-time access to your networks via web-based reporting tools. These include:

  • MRTG graphs of all your network points and edge routers
  • Data-usage reporting
  • Online access to fault monitoring tools including uptime and fault resolution information
  • Online ticketing system that tracks any issues and resolutions

Managed Firewall

The job of a firewall is to protect your computer by patrolling the access to your network and blocking harmful data. By using a managed solution you don’t have to worry about training and retaining skilled staff, our team will find the most cost effective way of managing your firewall.

We offer a choice of firewall management options: local, remote or co-located. Each option has the flexibility to alter your firewall configurations when necessary. You have peace of mind knowing your business data is secure, you have the best protection, without the big investment.

Let us recommend a firewall solution for your business. Call 1300 855 215.

Multiservice Networks

A single network that makes a world of difference! Combine your voice and data into a single network with Clear Networks and step into the future.

The usual method of multiple connections carrying different types of data is cumbersome and tricky to adapt if changes are required. It doesn’t need to be this way. Get your voice, data, video and applications all on the one network and watch for the technical and financial advantages.

  • Fast, reliable, secure, flexible and affordable
  • Centralised network administration
  • Easy and secure access for remote sites
  • Scalable for new communication architectures

Ask us about a Multiservice Network for your business. Call 1300 855 215.

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