Fixed Wireless

Where Fibre and other terrestrial services can’t go…
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Reaching more places!

Clear Fixed Wireless reaches more places to provide a reliable and high speed broadband connection to your business.

It's not terrestrial.

When fibre is not available or too expensive to install, we can typically provide a solution within 10 business days from 2mps to 1gbps (subject to location).

It's not copper.

Fixed Wireless is a great alternative to Ethernet over Copper (EoC) which relies on copper (which is now being replaced with the nbn™ rollout) and requires sufficient copper to be available in the building, and distance from the exchange to deliver symmetrical speeds (usually up to a maximum of 40mbps). However, where your location suffers from Pair Gain, you will not be able to utilise EoC.

Carrier-grade technology.

Fixed Wireless uses a small radio on the roof of the building to connect back to our base station to provide a carrier-grade, low latency connection for your broadband requirements.

Clear Fixed Wireless - you're on a winner

We install fast

Our 2-10 day installation SLA for standard installs is unrivalled

Service Level Agreement

SLA of 99.95% is equivalent to fibre

Great Coverage

You can be sure we can connect you

Contract options

From 1 month to multi-year (with discount for longer term agreements)

Customer Premises Equipment

CPE deployed on site

Managed Router/ Firewall options

Option for Managed Router/Firewall for just $25/month including 3 changes per month

Symmetrical speeds

From 2 to 100mbps and up to 1gbps in CBD areas

Useful as a primary link or as a redundant service

We provide automatic failover with no change to IP if you purchase your fibre/ EoC service from us

Why Clear Fixed Wireless

  • More Access Points than other provider’s means
    • Shorter hops between client CPE and Access Point
    • Less issues with Line of Sight (LOS)
    • More reliable service (less likely to suffer from interference)
    • Not co-located on large sites where noise floor is higher = more reliable services
    • Not likely to require high masts c.f. other providers – therefore lower cost of install
  • Fast and low cost installation ($0 for 36 months), 99% of Clear installations are standard.
  • High SLA (99.95%), Low Latency (<25ms)

Clear Fixed Wireless Delivery

Our services can be delivered as an internet service, form part of your IP WAN, or be a redundant service. All services are professionally installed, and delivered as an Ethernet connection with our CPE. It is highly recommended that you take our Managed Router option, which provides ongoing support and up to 3 changes per month for a fixed fee.

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