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ClearTalk VoIP for Business

What is ClearTalk/VoIP?

ClearTalk is Clear Network’s Voice Over IP solution made available to consumers, businesses and charities all around Australia. It utilises your Internet connection to make phone calls at greatly reduced rates.

The Benefits

Businesses are able to benefit from using ClearTalk in the following ways:

  • Voice calls are provided at greatly reduced rates, saving businesses typically 40-70% or more off their usual phone bill.
  • Single untimed rate to land lines with no flagfall and per second billing!
  • Businesses can keep their current number, with full number portability.
  • Add local numbers in all states to give and impression of being a much larger business.
  • International calls starting from 2c per minute with no flagfall (connection fee).
  • Services can be used to make calls only or also receive calls, which saves on line rental.
  • Existing PBX’s investment can be protected by easily connecting using Clear’s special hardware options.
  • Migrate from plain phone lines or ISDN or ONRAMP services to save on line rentals.
  • Clear Networks can provide a whole new VOIP PBX and equipment if required.

Why Choose Clear’s Business ClearTalk VoIP Solutions?

Clear Networks has a solid record of helping businesses with voice services. Using a ClearTalk service has the following benefits:

  • We can start you off with a basic plan for outgoing calls only.
  • Easily upgrade with more lines or by adding inbound services. Even add extra numbers in other states.
  • We can port all your existing numbers, and add a 1300 # for inbound calling to differentiate your service further.
  • We provide some of the best rates on the market which will save you money whether you are a small or large business.
  • We provide a service-level agreement to ensure a quality service.
  • Have access to new features such as redirect, voicemail, caller ID and more.
  • Connect using a Clear broadband solution for maximum quality guarantees on your voice and ensure your Internet service does not compromise your voice quality.
  • Very low call rates, (compare us with other providers, and you’ll be surprised how much we can save you).
  • No complicated calling plans that ask you to commit to more.
  • Fast setup.
  • No contractual lock in, 30 day notice to cancel your service, or savings on equipment with a contract.
  • Get access to online bill and reporting services.
  • Free calls between other ClearTalk members. If you have multiple offices, your calls between offices will be free.

ClearTalk Rates

Our rates are very simple to understand. For a single monthly fee you get a number of included calls, and get access to great rates 24 hours of the day, every day of the week. No waiting for special times of the day to save, with ClearTalk you save all the time. The rates are based on a single trunk or line being used.

ItemClearTalk Rate
Setup feeFREE
Monthly Fee$16 ex GST
Included land line calls0
Connection Fee/FlagfallFREE
Local Calls10c untimed
STD Calls10c untimed
Mobile Call (any carrier)20c/min
InternationalFrom 2c/min
Calls to 1300/1330c
ClearTalk to ClearTalkFREE
Additional DIDs$6/month
100 Inbound$36/month

For unlimited calls to land lines and mobiles we provide lines for just $45.
Add a Fax to Email, Email to Fax line for just $16/month.

For other pricing, contact Clear Networks for ClearTalk and more advanced services.

All prices quoted are ex GST.

Popular International land line destination rates per minute (no flagfall):
Canada 2cChina 2cFrance 2cGermany 2cGreece 4c
Ireland 3cItaly 3cJapan 5cUK 2cUSA 2c

Next Steps

To arrange your ClearTalk service, call us and discuss your current Internet service and equipment needs and we will provide you with the best available options available. Once we receive your application form, your ClearTalk can typically be provisioned the next day.

Business Rates

Our Business rates are available to organisations with a valid ABN number.

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