Usage Information

Usage Information

Clear Broadband is committed to working with and assisting customers and offer a number of options for customers to monitor and manage their spend and usage each month.

Prior to becoming a customer with Clear, our Customer Care team will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a plan to meet your requirements.

Plan Availability

Customers have the option of a capped or a volume broadband plan.

  • A capped plan does not charge excess usage if more data than your plan permitted is used. Once you reach your plan total your plan will be shaped to 128 / 128. You will always receive a flat monthly fee.
  • Volume plan does charge excess usage after you reach 100% of your usage. The charge applicable for this is $0.02 per MB.
Monitoring Your Usage

Your usage metre can be viewed to provide you with details regarding your current data usage. Please note, the usage meter updates every hour and can be accessed through your account.

Additionally, Clear Broadband will email you a notification to the email account you nominated as your primary email address when you use 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance.

Typical usage of your activity – how much do I need?

When using your broadband service, different activities can consume data at various rates

  • 1GB = 1000 MB, and 1MB = 1000 KB
For example:
  • A typical webpage = 1-3 MB – so to use 1GB you could browse approximately 300-1000 pages

  • A typical email = 50KB – so to use 1GB you could send 20,000 emails

  • Music HD song download = 5MB – so to use 1GB you could listen to 200 songs

  • Movie HD download = 3-5GB

  • Streaming music = 100MB per hour, if you were listning to Spotify for 2hrs a day – you would use about 6GB in a month

  • Movie Streaming = 1-3GB per hour depending on quality e.g. SD vs HD, a typical movie on Netflix would therefore use 1.5-4.5GB of data. If you were using netflix for 3hr a day you would likely use 90-270GB of data

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