Spend Management

Clear Networks is committed to working with our customers to allow them to plan and manage their spending.

Below is information on how to best manage your spend. We of course are happy to assist and can be contacted on 1300 855 215.

How can I select the appropriate Plan for my needs?

The Clear Customer Care team are equipped to assist you to choose the Plan that best suits your requirements.

If you would like to discuss the best plan for you, please call 1300 855 215 or alternatively email us at sales@clearenetworks.com.au

How can I monitor my usage?

Your usage can be monitored by logging into “my Account” an using your username and password that was set-up when applying for your service.

How recent is the available usage information?

You data usage information is on average less than 1 hour old. However, on occasions, there maybe a delay which will be resolved as soon as it’s identified.

Data Block purchased and Plan Changes are shown generally within 1 hour. However allow 24 hours for this to appear on your account.

Will I get charged if I use more data than my allowance?

Extra data charge’s is dependent on the plan you have selected. If you have chosen a capped plan you will be shaped. If you are on a Volume plan you will incur excess charges. Please refer to Usage information for details of the applicable charges.

How can I avoid a big VOIP bill?

We suggest avoiding calls to Australian mobile numbers and long International numbers due to the higher call rate which apply.

Please refer to our call rates

How can I limit the types of call made from my phone line?

Contact the Customer Care Team on 1300 855 215 to discuss and we can recommend some options for you – such as barring to relevant locations and numbers and total spend limits.

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