We’re Family Friendly

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IIA Family Friendly ISP Program

Clear Broadband is pleased to be a participant in the Internet Industry Association’s “Family Friendly ISP” program. Australian ISPs bearing this seal have agreed to comply with the IIA Codes of Practice.
The Codes of Practice are registered with and monitored by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA). For more information visit the Family Friendly ISP program page.

How to Obtain a Scheduled Filter

Customers can obtain a scheduled filter or filtered service by choosing from the links below or visiting the IIA website. – Net NannySafe EyesiShield Plus

Further Important Information for Internet Users

For more information a great site to visit is the Government’s Net Alert website. This site contains a wealth of information on how to protect yourself and your family whilst on the internet.

Protect Yourselves From SPAM

Clear Networks provides a basic and advanced email spam filtering product and a variety of security products. For more information see SureMessage for spam filtering and Zone Alarm for firewall products.

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