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1300 and 1800 numbers are unique numbers that can be used Australia wide and provide an easy way for businesses to use an Australian wide number, where the caller pays either the cost of a local call (1300) or free call (1800). The cost of the call is born by the provider of the number.

Why choose Clear’s business 1300/1800 solutions

Clear Networks has a long history of assisting businesses large and small with services. Clear’s 1300/1800 service provides any sized business with the same communication capability as a large corporation.

The benefits of 1300/1800 numbers

Professional image

Give a professional image, so it appears you may be a large, established national business


Makes it easier to remember your number


Makes relocation easy, there is no need to change your number if you move which will save on a number of redirections, printing, losing contact with your constituents etc…

Monitor analytics

Allows tracking of your marketing and advertising, through our online portal you can see the callers numbers, type and location

Customer service

Demonstrates focus on customer service

Directing calls based on locality

Allow you to route calls to a specific office based on locality

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