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We have a huge range of plans available, for light through to heavy use. If you’d like assistance in choosing the best plan for your internet needs, please call our friendly Customer Care team on 1300 855 215.

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Capped means your speed will be shaped to 128kbps/128kbps after your total data allowance has been used. You have the option to top-up your data usage at any time through Data Blocks, which can be purchased through MyClear (login at top-right) or over the phone (and soon through SMS).

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Plan Notes
  • The nbn™ Fixed Wireless (nbn™ FW) service is a residential grade broadband internet service delivered using nbn™ wireless equipment connected to your premises with a Peak Information Rate of 12/1Mbps for Tier 1 and 25/5Mbps for Tier 2
  • Service is only available to those who are in an nbn™ FW area. (Check our website for coverage at your address.)
  • You will require an nbn™ FW Radio and connection box (Network Termination device or NTD), installed for free at your premises by an nbn installer as part of its network rollout. nbn™ retains ownership of the FW equipment and will service and maintain it.
  • You will also need a router if you wish to use multiple devices at once on your nbn™ FW service. If you do not already own one, Clear Networks can sell you a suitable device at an additional cost.
  • This nbn™ FW plan option features a minimum 24 month agreement. (Also available with 1, 12 month minimum terms.) A 12 or 24 month agreement gives access to discounted hardware and lower activation fees
  • Installation is free on a 24 month agreement
  • Both upload and download count towards your monthly included data. There are no excess usage charges, instead traffic beyond the included data quota will be slowed to 128kbps/128kbps. You can upgrade your plan which will remove your shaping.
  • Data usage is counted in both directions (download and upload)
  • You will be charged on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the month. You will be charged for your first month at the time of signing up, and your first bill will include a pro-rata portion for the period you were active during the prior month
  • Payment options are via a direct-debit or direct-credit card arrangement and do not currently incur a surcharge
  • You may upgrade your plan at any time during the month without charge. You may downgrade your plan once a month

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