Simply Fresh Case Study

The Challenge

Simply Fresh is a 3rd-generation family owned and operated Providoring Business with an extensive background and experience as Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers, with a vast store of knowledge and resources. Previously they could only get 3-6mbps download and up to 0.2mbps upload and also could not use XERO or move to the cloud. Only 3 years ago Simply Fresh had bought a PBX however, the fact that it was hard to maintain made it difficult to follow up with customers, perform adds or make changes, and engage with faxing, and as a result this product was very costly to maintain.

The Solution

Clear was able to provide Simply Fresh with an outstanding solution to their challenge. We were able to provide 25/5mbps speed, a Hosted PBX and offer a variety of choices from our vast range of handsets. As a result of being with Clear, Simply Fresh were able to save 40% compared to their previous phone/internet provider.

The Benefits

Simply Fresh can now stream video for their security, use Xero, perform adds and make changes and save 40% on their telecommunication cost.

All done easily with Clear.

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