Butler Market Gardens Case Study

The Challenge

Butler Market Gardens is an Australian owned, vertically integrated, vegetable & herb farming company. Their copper based services failed and they needed a replacement internet service quickly. They had issues with physical infrastructure and with slow and unusable internet. Their location made it difficult to get fibre, it was costly and would take a long time to implement. Running a business with unreliable and costly internet was working against them.

The Solution

Clear provided a fast turnaround, quickly resolving internet issues to ensure Butler Market Gardens could run smoothly. Clear were able to provide a Fixed Wireless service within 2 days of the order.

The Benefits

With the help of Clear, Butler Market Gardens now have a reliable 20/20mbps fast internet service.

“Clear were able to provide a fast turnaround and quickly resolve our internet issues to ensure our business could run smoothly.”
— Butler Market Gardens General Manager.

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