Forget slow ADSL and waiting for the NBN!


Clear’s Fixed Wireless gives you the speed you need to download movies, play online games, and generally enjoy yourself. Even with a number of family members using it at once, you’ll be just fine!


It’s our network. We built it. So we can keep it working to the exacting standards we set for ourselves, and which our business and corporate clients expect.


You will not be paying any more than you would for any other commensurate service, either ADSL or NBN. You might even be paying less, especially if you bundle with ClearTalk VoIP pnone!

We're really proud of our achievements

We’ve been hard at work preparing some amazing stuff for you all, and we’re really stoked to show it off to you. There’s so much we’d love to tell you! Coming soon!

All over Melbourne

We’ve got almost 100% coverage over the Melbourne metropolitan area, with more access points than any other provider. It’s really that good!

Better than ADSL

ADSL is dependent on copper and in Melbourne, most of it is old and getting older. And it’s slow. And it’s dependent on what the gamer kid next door is doing…

Forget waiting for NBN

The NBN is coming, but we don’t know when. It’s probably 5 years away for most Australians. So why wait, when for the same or better price you can get a fast, reliable and affordable connection today?

Why you should come work for us...

At Clear Networks, we’re proud of our people. We have some of the most talented crew in Australia, and we’re always looking for new folks to join us.

We love what we do.

We’re passionate about our work. It means we challenge each other to reach our best and we are kind but honest.

We have fun.

Work can be fun as well and… well, work. And we do our best to enjoy ourselves. Some of the agile practices our developers use make us wonder if they’re working at all, sometimes!

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