nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus

Clear Broadband is committed to giving you the best value plans on the nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus satellite service. We will match any competitors published price as long as we believe we can meet our compliance with nbn™ Fair Use Policy.

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Plan Notes:
  • Service is available to eligible customer only as determined by nbn™ service area. Enter your address (above) to determine your eligibility.
  • Plans are based on a peak speed of 25 Mbps down and 5 Mbps upload, however speed for customers will be dependent on their location, signal strength of their vsat and internet destination.
  • The Speeds you get will be less than this due to things beyond our control such as your router, use of WIFI, the number of devices connected and the internet server and location you are accessing.
  • nbn™ Plans are based on a peak time speed of 30kbps download per customer as provided by nbn™. This means that at a peak time, your service speed may be reduced.
  • Standard and Nite Plans have a Peak Time from 7am to 11pm, and Off-Peak Time from 11pm to 7am based on your local time-zone.
  • Once the peak or off-peak allowance is used up, speeds are shaped from a burst-able 25/5Mbps to 512/256Kbps (peak) or 2048/512Kbps off-peak for the remainder of the billing period (except during Off-Peak Hours if you have remaining Off-Peak Data Allowance remaining)
  • nbn may without notice to you shape your service as a result of this breach for a one week period until your average use over the 4 week period is reduced.
  • Data usage is counted in both directions (download and upload)
  • You will be charged on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the month. You will be charged for your first month at the time of signing up, and your first bill will include a pro-rata portion for the period you were active during the prior month.
  • Payment options are via a direct-debit or direct-credit card arrangement and do not currently incur a surcharge.
  • You may upgrade your plan at any time during the month without charge. You may downgrade your plan once a month.
  • Unmetered data under the Sky Muster™ Plus is considered as:
    — TRAFFIC PROFILE 1 – Basic Web Browsing – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used for excessive, automated downloads of such content. This profile includes text and images but excludes audio, video, peer to peer, file sharing and cloud storage content.
    — TRAFFIC PROFILE 2 – Email – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used to routinely transfer emails larger than 20 MB.
    — TRAFFIC PROFILE 3 – Operating Software Updates – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used to update more than twenty devices per calendar month. This profile only includes updates for certain operating systems on mobile phones and personal computers.

If you have exhausted your metered data allowance, you will still be able to access websites that have embedded videos, such as social media platforms, or news websites, but the video/audio content may not play.

End users may be able to reduce metered data usage by turning off video and audio auto-play settings across social media and websites with embedded streaming content. Please see our blog on How To Stop Those Auto-Play Videos From Stealing Your Data.

nbn™’s Fair Use Policy
  • nbn™ requires each customer to limit their total Data Usage to no more than 300GB in any four week period.
  • In addition, nbn™ requires each customer to limit their Peak Hour Data Usage to no more than 150Gb in any four week period. Therefore,
  • nbn™ may shape your service within your monthly billing period if you exceed the four week usage, and you will not be able to purchase data blocks or do anything other then reduce your usage for a 1 week period for nbn™ to release their shaping.
  • nbn™ requires all RSPs to limit their average customer Peak Hour Data Usage to no more than 30Gb of downloads and no more than 5Gb of uploads in any four week period.
  • As a result of this policy, Plans with smaller data allowances represent better value than Plans with larger ones.

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