nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus

Signals are transmitted from a geostationary satellite in orbit above Australia. This means the Sky Muster™ satellite will follow the earth in unison, giving a consistent service to all customers.

The signals are transmitted between a fixed satellite dish at your premises and the nbn™ Satellite base station.

The satellites are supported by a network of 10 ground stations, each featuring two 13.5 metre satellite dishes. The ground stations have been built in specific locations across Australia to maximize both the availability and capacity of the system.

The satellites are designed to enable nbn™ to deliver broadband services to more than 200,000 rural and remote homes and businesses with wholesale download speeds of up to 25Mbps. The entire LTSS [Long Term Satellite Service] project aims to deliver broadband to 240,000-odd remote and rural Australians from Christmas Island to Macquarie Island.

At your home

A standard installation requires a technician to attend your premises, they will mount a satellite dish on your roof, gutter or wall. The tech will drill a small hole and feed a cable though to the satellite modem also known as the Network Termination Device [NTD], which will be installed and located on a wall inside your premises.

Once this has been completed and the service tested, Clear can go ahead and activate the service.

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