nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus

Sky Muster™ Plus

Sky Muster™ Plus offers two key improvements to the Sky Muster™ service.

  • More unmetered data for basic web browsing, email and system software updates
  • Speeds up to and sometimes exceeding 25/5mbps if application and network conditions allow*.

What this means for an average user is that when they exhaust their monthly data allowance, wholesale download speeds will not be slowed down for regular web activities like accessing emails or internet banking.

According to nbn™, Activities such as gaming and video streaming will continue to contribute towards the overall monthly data limit of users and, once the cap is reached, will be speed-shaped down as they are now. However the unmetered essential services can continue to function unshaped*.

This will give people in regional and rural Australia the peace of mind that emailing your loved ones or accessing internet banking need not slow down once your monthly data limit has been exceeded.


*Traffic Profile must fit categories below.

  • Traffic Profile 1: Basic Web-browsing
  • Traffic Profile 2: Email
  • Traffic Profile 3: Operating Software Updates

*Here is a summary of nbn™ traffic categories and shaping policy:

NameTraffic CategoryTime of DayData AllowanceShaping PolicyFair Use Policy
Unmetered ContentProfile 1 – Basic Web ContentAny timeN/AUnshapedTraffic related to browsing text & static images (but not audio or video content, peer to peer traffic, traffic via VPN, cloud file storage or sharing). No excessive automated downloads
Profile 2 – EmailAny timeN/AUnshapedTraffic related to email and webmail use (but not traffic via VPN). No routine emails larger than 20 MB
Profile 3 – Operating System UpdatesAny timeN/AUnshapedMay include some traffic related to operating system updates for personal computers and mobile phones. No updates to more than 20 devices per calendar month
Metered Content(Traffic that does not fit categories above)Peak Hours (7:00 am to 1:00 am next day)Peak Data AllowanceUnshaped then 512/256 kbps if data allowance exceededNo more than 30 GB in excess of data allowance per calendar month
Off-Peak Hours (1:00 am to 7:00 am)Off-Peak Data AllowanceUnshaped then 2048/512 kbps if data allowance exceededNo more than 30 GB in excess of data allowance per calendar month
  • Satellite Broadband is high speed internet access that is ‘always on’.
  • No phone line is required.
  • nbn™ professionally installs a satellite dish on your roof, typically 84cm in size.
  • All you need is a computer with an Ethernet card and a router if you want to share the service with multiple devices.
  • nbn™ provides all the equipment.

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