nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus

Is there a cost for equipment and installation for homes, businesses and farms?
No, all equipment and a standard installation are provided free-of-charge to consumers and is covered by the nbn™. If the installer attends and he confirms it as a complex installation, you will receive a quote for the work and the installer will need to reschedule in a date after the quote has been received to complete the installation.
What satellite equipment gets installed?
The installer will generally mount an outdoor satellite dish on the roof, gutter or wall of your premises, as well as internal to your premises a satellite modem. This is also known as a Network Terminating Device (NTD) and Power Supply Unit (PSU) which includes the Battery Backup unit.
What does the installation involve?
On the day, your installer will suggest the best location for the satellite dish. Once agreed, your installer will generally mount an outdoor satellite dish on the roof, gutter or wall of your premises. The installer will then drill a small hole through your roof, gutter or wall and feed the cable from the satellite dish into the nbn™ supplied modem. The satellite modem will be installed on a wall inside your premises.
What do I need to do to prepare for the installation before my installation appointment?
You’ll need to think about where you want the nbn™ supplied modem to be installed, preferably on a wall inside your house near an accessible power point. The ideal place will be: – In a cool, dry ventilated area.
– Away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged. You’ll also need to consider how you want to connect your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets and fixed phones) and if you plan to use the VoIP service. Please note, the satellite modem that is supplied with the installation does not give you wireless connectivity around your premises. You will need to purchase a router.
What is the time frame for installation?
At the moment the wait time is between 3 and 5 weeks, however that is determined by the local installer and his timeframe. We do not have direct contact with the installers as they are sub-contractors of nbn™. The installer will contact you to confirm the installation date with you.
What are the peak and off peak times?
Peak Time from 7am to 1am, and Off-Peak Time from 1am to 7am
Do I need a wireless router?
If you would like to use multiple devices all at once using wireless connectivity around your premises, you will need to purchase a router.
Do you sell routers?
Yes. We have 2 routers: the Netcomm NF10 and a TP Link.
What is the difference between the two routers?
The Netcomm NF10 router is capable of supporting the VoIP service, which means you can use any ordinary house phone with this router to make phone calls when bundling.
What is the difference between Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ Plus
Sky Muster™ Plus offers three traffic profiles of unmetered data which were previously metered data under Sky Muster™. Sky Muster™ Plus also has potential download speeds that can burst above 25/5mbps if your network and conditions allow.
What is considered ‘un-metered data’?
Unmetered data under the Sky Muster™ Plus is considered as: TRAFFIC PROFILE 1 – Basic Web Browsing – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used for excessive, automated downloads of such content. This profile includes text and images but excludes audio, video, peer to peer, file sharing and cloud storage content. TRAFFIC PROFILE 2 – Email – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used to routinely transfer emails larger than 20 MB. TRAFFIC PROFILE 3 – Operating Software Updates – is not shaped at any time but the service must not be used to update more than twenty devices per calendar month. This profile only includes updates for certain operating systems on mobile phones and personal computers.
What happens if I go over my peak data allowance on Sky Muster™ Plus?
If you go over your data allowance on Sky Muster™ Plus, your metered data will be shaped back to 512/256 kbps during Peak Hours. If you exceed your Off-Peak Data Allowance, Metered Content will be shaped to 2048/512 kbps during Off-Peak Hours until the end of the calendar month. The service must not be used to exceed the Off-Peak Data Allowance by more than 30 GB each calendar month.
Who can use the Sky Muster™ Plus service?
The Sky Muster™ Plus service is designed for homes and businesses in rural and remote Australia that fall outside the fixed line and Fixed Wireless areas.
Will nbn™ cater for hard-to-reach properties, very remote communities, and offshore islands? And, what is the expected lead-time from ordering to installation of the equipment?
The Sky Muster™ Plus service is designed to provide rural and remote Australians with access to revolutionary satellite broadband including islands such as Cocos Islands, Christmas Island and Norfolk Island. nbn™ will aim to complete a standard installation within 20 business days of an order for the service being placed by Clear. In isolated regions on the mainland and in Tasmania, it may take up to 35 days. For limited access areas, including those which are only accessible by air or water, nbn™ has a target of 90 business days.
Does the equipment come with warranty?
Yes. Sky Muster Plus equipment comes with a lifetime equipment warranty covered by nbn™. This warranty covers equipment issues and failures. nbn™ will not cover damages caused by you.
Will Sky Muster™ Plus work during adverse weather conditions?
The weather at your house and at the ground station, such as rain, storms, cloud cover and dust may all affect services. You might experience lower performance levels during adverse weather conditions.
Once on the nbn™ network, will I be able to use the landline phone if my power fails?
Those connected to an nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus service will retain the option of a copper landline service. It is important to note that the nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus service will not work during power outages. Those living in areas where there are frequent or prolonged power outages should consider continuing to pay for their copper line service.
Will my existing monitored alarm work over the nbn™ network?
The nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus satellite service is not designed to support medical alarms, auto dalliers or emergency call buttons. When an nbn™ satellite service is installed there are no changes made to existing fixed phone lines, so any alarms or other services that use your current phone line will work just as they do today.

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