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We have a huge range of plans available, for light through to heavy use. If you’d like assistance in choosing the best plan for you please call our friendly Customer Care team on 1300 855 215.

All plans Capped – no bill shock!

Capped means your speed will be shaped to 128kbps/128kbps after your total data allowance has been used. You have the option to top-up your data usage at any time through Data Blocks which can be purchased through MyClear (login at top-right) or over the phone (and soon through SMS).

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Plan Notes
  • Service is available to new customers within a Fixed Wireless serviceable area. Our Fixed Wireless Coverage page provides details or enter your address in the field above. Unless your premises is already connected, you will need to be connected to the Fixed Wireless Network. Clear charge a one-off installation fee for all Fixed Wireless services. This requires installation of a radio on the roof which includes a 3m pole and up to 30m cabling to a network point within your premises
  • Service is only available to new customers or existing customers outside of contract period.
  • If you are an existing customer within a contract; You can recontract and pay a ‘contract break fee’ based on remaining lenth of contract as follows: $10 x number of months remaining.
  • ^Interface speeds refer to the speed delivered to the technology installed at the customer’s premises. They are not necessarily equivalent to the download/upload speeds you will achieve in practice. Actual download and upload speeds will be affected by many external factors which include the number of end-users using the service at the same time, the hardware, software and software configuration, the connection method within the premises (e.g. a wireless router may not be able to function at the speed of your Fixed Wireless connection) and the type/source of content being downloaded
  • *Not available in all areas – we’ll let you know what speed is available when you signup, or call us for a check
  • Standard and Special Bundle Plans have a Peak Time from 7am to 11pm, and Off-Peak Time from 11pm to 7am
  • When you reach your download total, your speed will be reduced to 128kbps for the remainder of the month (unless you have further download available during an off-peak period). You will have the option to purchase a data-block which will remove your speed restriction. Users that are capped will still be able to use their ClearTalk service which is optimised regardless of data-traffic on your service
  • Data usage is counted in both directions (download and upload)
  • You will be charged on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the month. You will be charged for your first month at the time of signing up, and your first bill will include a pro-rata portion for the period you were active during the prior month
  • Payment options are via a direct-debit or direct-credit card arrangement and do not currently incur a surcharge
  • You may upgrade your plan at any time during the month without charge. You may downgrade your plan once a month
Data Blocks:

You can purchase data-blocks as add-on’s any time during the month. Data expires at the end of the month, and blocks can be added for one month or permanently.
Data Blocks can only be purchased for standard plans or added to our special Bundled Plans.

Data BlocksPeak DownloadOff-peak DownloadFee
Wireless Block 15GB5GB$2.50
Wireless Block 210GB10GB$5.00

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