Clear Fixed Wireless

The Fixed Wireless service packs unprecedented value into the price, and is not just the best service for today, but it pre-provisioned for the day when higher-grade broadband Internet (up to 50Mbps) access is achievable in your area.

The combination of the best technology and Clear’s commitment to the best connection, means Fixed Wireless subscribers will always have the best broadband Internet service available to their area!

But isn’t the NBN going to provide us High Speed Internet?

The Fixed Wireless service promises to to provide you a High Speed Internet connection TODAY. Don’t wait for the NBN to eventually connect. Have you heard the countless stories of disappointed customers that got connected but their speeds slowed as more people connected?

You can get connected and enjoy the benefits of high speed broadband without having to wait. If and when the NBN comes along, you can change to Clear NBN service, but we guarantee we will always have an equivalent Fixed Wireless speed available at a lower price.

  • Fixed Wireless services provide speeds of 25mbps down and 5mbps up, today.
  • You will have a low latency (about 20-25ms) responsive internet service
  • High data plans (up to 1,000 GB per month)
  • Great pricing starting from $19.95 per month
What are the features of a Fixed Wireless plan?
  • Includes variety of speeds to suit individuals and business (up to 25mbps download available now to consumers – higher speeds available to business)
  • Includes variety of data downloads from budget conscious to high downloaders (1,000 GB plans available)
  • Free plan change available
  • Includes 5 email addresses FREE
  • Includes FREE ClearTalk/VoIP calls on network to other ClearTalk users
  • Includes FREE Spam and Virus filtering
    (configuration options and quarantine available for additional $2.20/month)
  • Includes availability of multiple static IP addresses ($6/month)
  • National support number staffed Monday to Friday 9am-6pm

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