Clear Community Broadband

Clear has partnered with developers and other community operators to provide fast broadband to communities around Australia.

Plans start from just $29.95 or reduce further by $5 to $24.95 when bundled with our ClearTalk voice service.

Installation/Activation depends on which technology services the community and the length of contract chosen.
Activation fees include a FREE wireless router/modem
– 24 month contracts get access to discounted hardware.

Contract PeriodEthernetDSL
New Service
Churn ADSL
BYO Modem
6 Months$119$119$99
12 Months$49$49$29
24 MonthsFreeFreeFree

If you need help deciding what plan best suits you, please call our friendly team
on 1300 855 215.

Our Community broadband Coverage page will provide you with details of the technology that services your community.

Your service will typically be activated within 2-5 business days from receiving your application.

Choose a monthly plan to suit you !

Standard Plans: These plans offer great speed and flexible peak and off-peak times.
You also have the choice of capping your monthly cost or paying for excess charges once your download quota has been reached (better for business)

1. Check your address

Already a Clear customer? Please complete your order in MyClear.

* Please be patient as this service qualification can take up to a minute...

2. Choose your speed

3. Choose your data allowance

4. Choose your ClearTalk phone plan

5. Choose your contract period

6. Review your chosen plan

Plan Notes
  • Service is based on minimum 6 month signup. 24 month plans offer discounted hardware pricing.
  • Minimum fee is based on 6*your plans monthly fee plus the activation fee of your service. For example an Ethernet service with Intro 15 plan = $180 + 6 * 29.95 = $359.70.
  • Bundled Fee is based on including a ClearTalk voice service with your broadband service. Check out our Cleartalk Plans
  • ^Interface speeds refer to the speed delivered to the technology installed at the customer’s premises. They are not necessarily equivalent to the download/upload speeds you will achieve in practice. Actual download and upload speeds will be affected by many external factors which include the number of end-users using the service at the same time, the hardware, software and software configuration, the connection method within the premises (e.g. a wireless router may not be able to function at the speed of your fibre connection) and the type/source of content being downloaded
  • Please note that some plans come with bonus double off-peak* data, giving you more total data download each month or more.
  • Plans have a Peak Time from 8am to midnight, and Off-Peak Time from midnight to 8am
  • If choosing a Cap option with your plan, when you reach your download total, your speed will be reduced to 128kbps for the remainder of the month (unless you have further download available during an off-peak period). You will have the option to purchase a data-block which will remove your speed restriction. Users that are capped will still be able to use their ClearTalk service which is optimised regardless of data-traffic on your service
  • Data usage is counted in both directions (download and upload)
  • You will be charged on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the month. You will be charged for your first month at the time of signing up, and your first bill will include a pro-rata portion for the period you were active during the prior month
  • Payment options are via a direct-debit or direct-credit card arrangement and do not currently incur a surcharge
  • You may upgrade your plan at any time during the month without charge. You may downgrade your plan once a month

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