Porter Davis Case Study

The Challenge

Porter Davis is a large volume builder in Victoria and builds display homes at many greenfield sites throughout wider Melbourne. The greenfield sites typically have no telecommunication infrastructure built until well after display homes open making it difficult to provide networking and telephony services. 3G/4G services are typically not reliable and do not provide the consistent bandwidth needed, and a more reliable service was required. Clear Networks performed an initial trail deployment including Internet and VOIP at 3 sites to ensure the service could meet the requirements.

The Solution

Clear’s deployment included Fixed Wireless, SIP Trunks and Managed Router, as well as Managed WiFi anda rack deployed with POE power for all services. After an initial trial which proved successful, Porter Davis committed to deployments at all new display homes, and working in with their building team to deploy a private network service and local telephone with handsets. When a Display home opens it is completely fitted out with telecom services by Clear. Over 60 sites are now operating from Geelong, West, North and Eastern Greenfield sites

The Benefits

Fast deployment and working in with their building team ensures a seamless deployment. The wide are network enables their sales teams to print plans, support customers and take phone calls.

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