Corporate building

Fixed Wireless

Super-high speed

Every user in the ClearWireless system can be assigned a service with an effective speed of up to 6-10Mbs. ClearWireless broadband runs in the 5.8Ghz band. It can also be deployed as a fully synchronous service (equally fast upload/download speeds) for point-to-point networking. Try doing that with most other broadband technologies!

Simple installation

Our subscriber unit is a small, self-contained wireless access unit that connects your business to the Internet or other network. A typical exterior installation is a simple process of mounting the subscriber unit onto a small bracket and running industry standard CAT5 data cable into your premises. This of course is all taken care of by our installers.

Military-strength security

Our system boasts DES security out-of-the-box, and is optionally upgrade-able to full AES-strength encryption (the same specification as the US military uses).

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

When compared to other business-grade broadband options including xDSL and cable, the ClearWireless delivers a range of cost savings including a lower initial investment (thanks to relatively inexpensive equipment and setup), lower equipment maintenance costs, and lower support and operating costs. You are assured a rapid return on investment on a better business broadband solution.

Availability and Coverage

ClearWireless is available across Melbourne, Perth, Southern Tasmania and many regional towns. Ask us about a ClearWireless solution for your business.

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