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How does Fixed Wireless Broadband work?
The network is a point-to-point network made up of a fibre or satellite backbone connecting the Fixed Wireless equipment to your premises, by transmitting over both short and long distances.
What are the operating system requirements for Fixed Wireless?
You will require a network card. The operating systems our Fixed Wireless service supports include Mac OSX, Windows XP, Linux. For other operating systems, you will be required to purchase a Surecom router ($99 inc GST).
Is the Service affected by adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains or fog?
No. And to illustrate the point, the same technology is operating successfully in Colorado, USA where temperatures range from +40C to -30C with 10cm of snow. Weather is a problem for other wireless technologies operating in higher spectrum ranges (above 10Ghz).
Does Clear Fixed Wireless use my telephone line?
No, Clear Fixed Wireless does not use your phone line. Your telephone will be free to make and receive calls while you’re surfing the net. Remember Clear Fixed Wireless is a permanent connection, it means no call costs or line rental.
Is there a risk of the antenna being struck by lightning?
The antenna has as much chance of being hit in a lightning strike as a television antenna. If you are concerned, for an additional fee, a lightning arrestor can be fitted.
What sort of encryption is used and what other security measures do you employ?
The equipment Clear Fixed Wireless uses makes use of multiple layers of security including proprietary protocol, DES, and MAC address filtering and BRAID.
Is it safe?
All wireless devices emit electomagnetic radiation(EMR), this includes mobile phones, WiFi, computers and cordless phones – and don’t forget microwave ovens. Clear Fixed Wireless emits less EMR than a mobile phone, and as EMR reduces exponentially with distance, the further you are away from the source the less the exposure. Being 10 meters away from a Radia, reduces EMR exposure by 99% to virtually nothing (plus the roof is in the way!). In comparison, a microwave oven uses about 1,000 times the power of our wireless equipment.
What are the peak and off peak times?
Peak Time from 7am to 1am, and Off-Peak Time from 1am to 7am
What do you mean by ‘bundled monthly fee’?
This means you are ordering a broadband internet service bundled along with a VoIP service. Your service will be discounted by $10 if you choose to bundle in this way.
Do I need a wireless router?
If you would like to use multiple devices all at once using wireless connectivity around your premises, you will need to purchase a router.
Do you sell routers?
Yes. We have 2 routers: the Netcomm NF10 and a TP Link.
What is the difference between the two routers?
The Netcomm NF10 router is capable of supporting the VoIP service, which means you can use any ordinary house phone with this router to make phone calls when bundling.
Is it Secure?
Clear’s fixed wireless equipment makes use of multiple layers of security including proprietary protocols, DES, MAC address filtering and BRAID. Unless you have our equipment and our password to connect to our network, you cannot connect, and all communication is fully encrypted across every link.
How does Fixed Wireless compare to WiFI?
WiFi is designed to operate over short distances within a building to provide portability. Each client competes with others for its bandwidth and share of spectrum, which is why quoted speeds over the air are never met in real life ethernet speeds. Clear Fixed Wireless is a wide area network, designed to work over long distances (40kms are possible) and designed to provide the designated ethernet speeds to many clients.
How does it compare to 3G/4G?
3G/4G services are designed first and foremost to service a mobile phone customer and secondarily a data customer. As the Mobile Phone Tower gets loaded with phone calls, the amount of bandwidth available for data drops (as voice is prioritised). Being a mobile product, it is near impossible to predict usage and this is why many customers experienced great speeds when they first connected, but as more people moved in and began using the service, speeds dropped accordingly. Clear Fixed Wireless deals with known numbers of customers, and as more customers connect, we provision more bandwidth, so customers always have a predictable experience.
How does it compare to ADSL?
ADSL suffers from many issues that affect speed and stability of a service at any given time. These include: the length, quality and dimension of the copper cable, cross-talk between pairs on one cable carrying ADSL, noise from other cabling within the premises, poor cable joints and water exposure in pits. It is limited to speed by distance from an exchange (more than 4kms mean you have no chance of getting a decent connection). If an exchange has issues, all services are affected, and latency (how responsive the network appears) can be substantial (35-70ms are quite common).
What are the operating system requirements for Fixed Wireless?
You will require a network card. The operating systems our Fixed Wireless service supports include Mac OSX, Windows XP and Linux. For other operating systems, you will be required to purchase a Surecom router ($99 inc GST).
How long will installation take?
Standard installations normally take two to four hours. If you would like your installation done in a particular way, please discuss this with your installer as this may take longer. Please be advised that the installer may need to attend at a later date if he confirms it as a complex installation.
Can the weather affect my installation?
Yes, installation can be unsafe for the technician if there are adverse weather conditions. If the weather prevents installation, you will need to schedule in another day with the installer or give us a call.
My neighbour can get Fixed Wireless. Why can’t I?
The Fixed Wireless towers need a clear line-of-sight to the outdoor unit of your premises. Anything blocking that line of sight – such as trees or buildings – can stop the signal from reaching your premises.
Who do I contact if I experience a service outage?
If you experience a service outage please contact Clear Networks and we will provide you with an ETA for resolution.

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