Clear Fibre to the Home

The most robust broadband connection available is Clear’s Fibre. The extreme reliability and flexibility of Fibre is perfect for your dynamic business.
  • Provide core connectivity using reliable fibre services
  • Interconnect multiple locations on a single network
  • Tie other technologies to your core – e.g. wireless or ADSL for remote office integration
  • Superior voice and data communications
  • Host your ecommerce website locally
  • Use multimedia and video conferencing applications
  • Connect multiple sites with a Wide Area Network (WAN) via one connection
  • Add Internet connectivity to your service
  • Multiple VLANS available
  • QOS guaranteed
  • Scale your Internet connection quickly and with no restrictions
It is the fastest and most efficient connection

Clear Fibre gives business high-speed Internet connectivity using optical fibre cables. It is by far the fastest delivery platform available thanks to the greater bandwidth that fibre cables offer compared to wire cables.

The best is guaranteed

Clear provides you with service level agreements guaranteeing reliability and redundancy of the service.

Scalability and speed designed to suit your business

Clear Fibre offers a range of speeds from 2M – 1Gbs and provides you the flexibility to scale up when your business grows or your data needs change. You can also choose the size of your Internet connection thanks to our commitment to flexibility. Don’t get locked in to stock standard data volumes, ask us about creating the right service just for your business.

The best in security

Fibre is allocated to you and your data is the only data transferred over those strands. Fibre strands are secure, protected from intrusion and interference.

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