Important COVID-19 Information For Our Customers

The outbreak of COVID-19 has clearly changed the way we all look at how we work and what actions we need to take to ensure the continuity of business and the protection of our staff, customers and partners.

To that end, I want to assure you that at Clear, we are fully prepared to operate outside our offices. We have already moved our front-line support team to work from home, and we have practiced all staff working from home conducting our meetings via video, operating our phones and systems remotely without any concern.

Our installation/technical team is still performing installation and providing technical support at client sites where required. We have upped our bandwidth needs to ensure there is capacity to cope with increased demand, and our infrastructure is capable of significant growth.

Our sales team will revert to using phone and video conferencing for meetings and supporting sales requests with a view to reducing face to face meetings.

New Services and Changes

We know many of you will be now working from home and may need to upgrade your data-plans or increase your bandwidth. We will be providing a further update on this shortly and will make options available for short term increases in plans or data limits.

We ask you to bear with us as we have had an influx of calls due to people working from home and needing to do upgrades, if you require a plan change please email our sales team with your CN number and the plan you wish to change to. Email

Site visits

We will continue to perform all site visits as required to install or maintain your service; if we are required to attend site, we have added some checks to our site access procedures to confirm that;
there are no individuals who have travelled internationally within the last 14 days present,
has anyone showed signs of respiratory illness (cough, fever, sore throat) in the past 14 days;
Is there a time when a premise is less occupied;

If any of these criteria are not met, we will not be able to attend site in most cases. Exemptions may be made on a case by case basis after a risk assessment has been conducted.

At this stage, we are not experiencing any extended times for our services, but we recognise there is the potential for delays to occur if we have staff absences or restrictions on access related to the spread of COVID-19. We advise that during this period, customers should anticipate the possibility of delays, and make sure they have alternative access arranged for critical use. This may include purchasing a backup service or arranging access at another location in the event of an outage.

Where your service is on one of our partner services such as Fibre to the home or NBN, we are unable to guarantee that a technician will be able to attend your site at short notice, but we will keep you informed should there be a need.

Equipment availability

We currently have a good supply of stock on hand but may experience shortages of devices that are manufactured in China such as routers and some wireless CPEs. Please note that as staff work from home there may be a delay with getting routers out to you – we will be discussing options of rotating staff to come in office to ship out routers.


We anticipate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic should not prevent us from continuing to provide excellent service. We will provide updates if unanticipated events threaten to disrupt the continued provision of your customers’ services during this time.

We know this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones and if there is anything we can do to assist please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Kind regards

Rob van der End
CEO Clear

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