Why Broadband In Broken Hill Sucks And How To Improve Your Broadband Experience

Finding the best and fastest broadband plan in Broken Hill can be a huge challenge.

Currently in Broken Hill, only ADSL and 4G is available, but there are many issues with it that may slow the speed down. Such as limited bandwidth, distance from the exchange and if your copper line is poor then you will experience a very bad service. ADSL speeds are typically 8-16 mbps down in non-peak time if you are reasonably close to your exchange. At peak time ADSL slows substantially, and if you are further then 3km from the exchange you can be lucky to see even 4-8mbps. All of this can translate into poor experience when using your broadband with other members in your household to watch youtube, Netflix, do your homework, email and general browsing. Compared to ADSL, Clear’s Fixed Wireless broadband is 25mbps down which is at least 50% better than ADSL and the upload speed is 5mbps which is 500% better than ADSL.

Why Fixed Wireless Broadband Is So Good

We have heavily invested in our own Fixed Wireless network which connects to Broken Hill homes or businesses over the air from an access point on a tower to an antenna on the roof of your home or business.

Don’t confuse Fixed Wireless broadband with mobile wireless. There are no dongles, and you aren’t paying the high mobile wireless data plans. Our Fixed Wireless broadband plans are regular broadband plans and it’s just like your usual broadband connection inside your home with a router and wifi signal, just better!

Because Fixed Wireless is designed for data, you’ll get a high speed broadband connection delivered to your home. No slow down at peak times and it will still always be faster than ADSL and more reliable then mobile data.

Individual homes and businesses require line of sight access between your roof and the tower access point. Hills, trees and other obstructions may preclude the line of sight for some. The good news is that we cover pretty much all of Broken Hill! Check your address here https://clear.com.au/brokenhill.

What about the nbn?

You might be wondering about the nbn, but you’ve probably heard about the many issues customers have had with it. The nbn is still some time away from being built in Broken Hill and currently there are installation issues, it’s more expensive, unreliable, it slows down at peak times and there are no performance guarantees. The nbn may improve over time, but don’t get caught up in the peak-time slow downs until it does. When the nbn does get going and you want to swap, that’s okay. We are able to swap you over and give you the certainty of using our Fixed Wireless as an extra link (at no extra cost) so if one goes down we’ll still keep you going. We are able to swap you over to an nbn plan at no extra cost. All we ask is that you stay with us for at least 12 months when you do swap. You’ll also benefit from any router you received from us being nbn ready and you will be able to keep your email address from us.

Our commitment to you in Broken Hill

Clear is a 100% Australian owned business and has been operating in Broken Hill since 2006. We’ve invested heavily in creating our own fast broadband network in Broken Hill, including upgrading to the latest Fixed Wireless technology, adding in additional towers, and investing in our own fibre connection to Broken Hill, which means that we are here for the long term.

If you are looking for the fastest broadband connection in Broken Hill we can help. We currently have a very special offer for Broken Hill residents. On our 12 month Fixed Wireless contract you get:

• 50% off your first month.
• FREE installation.
• 30 day performance guarantee

Don’t stay in the slow broadband lane. The answer for fast broadband is Clear. To find out more, click here https://clear.com.au/brokenhill

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