So, is the nbn™ wasting money on you too?

Still from the gen nbn television commercial

Gruen is back on ABC TV, and Todd Sampson was at his straight-shooting best last Wednesday night, taking a swipe at nbn™ for producing a “boring” television commercial that was a “waste of money”. He went further:

“This is a branding problem. They have a comprehension issue because people don’t really understand what it is, why we have it and how it’s going to be delivered.”

He suggested the ad would leave viewers confused as to whether it was really about Gen Y or rather about generational change in Australia. Either way, he doesn’t like it:

“The ad is classic government backed by research. It has all the clichés in it; the voiceover has gender balance, it’s got a mix of ethnic representation, it’s got music, it’s got a device and it’s boring and a waste of money.”

Take the minute to see for yourself…

We don’t have strong opinions on the value of the advertisement. Historically, we have relied on word-of-mouth and various forms of targeted local advertising channels, so who are we to critique a TV commercial?

However, as an nbn™ Retail Service Provider, we’ve got extensive first-hand experience of working with Australia’s National Broadband Network and even more with a range of other/prior wholesalers. There is much we are excited about with where Australia’s broadband connectivity is headed, but much also that is of serious concern. As regards the nbn™, we’re not surprised to hear Sampson allege that the average Australian doesn’t “understand what it is, why we have it and how it’s going to be delivered.”

Partly that’s because broadband technology, by its very nature, is complicated stuff. The nbn™ goes to a whole other level, though; there’s a great deal of politics involved, and has anyone noticed how ridiculously large this country is?! And finally, there are a number of factors in the particular design of the nbn™, both as a network and as a business, which are both complicated and frustrating.

We’ll have more to say about all these things on our blog in coming weeks and months, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we’re committed to doing all we can to help average Aussie understand, and enjoy, an excellent broadband service, wherever you may be. To that end we’re not just an nbn™ RSP, but one of only a handful offering Sky Muster™ satellite. We’re also expanding our very own Fixed Wireless network around the country, and at the time of writing have the largest Fixed Wireless offering in Melbourne, are rapidly expanding in Perth, and have a solid footprint in Tasmania as well.

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